New dataflash log for each flight?

I’m comparing the dataflash logs on the SD card in the PH2.1 with the logs created in the ~/dflogger/dataflash folder on the r.pi running APsync. If I do arm-takeoff-land-disarm then repeat that without powering down the aircraft, I get one .BIN file on the PH covering both flights, and two .BIN files on the r.pi, one for each flight.

Is there a good reason this is different? Is there a parameter somewhere to select the desired behavior? It would be nice to have it be the same in both places.

Can this

be useful ?

That’s what I needed - thank you.

The behaviour SD-card style logs (“DataFlash File”) is based on the
"LOG_FILE_DSRMROT" parameter.

DataFlash-over-MAVLink doesn’t have this concept. It could be
probably implemented on either side of the equation, but probably better
done on the client side. I’d have to look at the various client
implementations to be sure.

How can you get the dataflash logs in the APsync(raspberry)? I would really appreicate it if you can help me?