New APM set up HELP

ok here is the gist of it. i have a mac book pro, operating OS X. I have to use APM planner 2.0.17 instead of mission planner. I have finally got the board updated with the arduPlane and was following the guide lines. when it came time to calibrate, i went to the accel calibration, clicked on “Calibrate Accelerometer” the only thing that happens is, it tells me to place flat and press any key, also at the top its counting down from 40 sec saying time remaining until timeout. I did try to do the live compass but it keeps saying that i have not got enough pt and it will save the ones it got. i have dont that 5 times with each time lasting 60 sec.
i am getting frustrated with this and want to scream.
please help me
thanks jeff

Ok new update, I have found out that I needed to do the live compass a few more times. Once that was set it let me do the 3 axis calibrate. Where you have it sit on one side and the other. Once that’s compleat I unplug the board and connect it to the RX, using the guide sheet. I reconnect the board and click on flight planner. The artificial horizon does not move and when I go to calibrate the tx, it waits that there is not one connected. When I move the slicks, nothing. What do I domnext. Thanks Jeff