NEW and need lots of help

Maybe I’m in the wrong place, but here it goes.

  1. Have an IRIS+

  2. installed Mission manager (downloaded APM as well)

  3. flash firmware OK

  4. here is where I am, before and after MM install

I startup my IRIS+ quadcopter, it calibrates and goes into blinking green mode. I can press the arm button and goes solid red. Green LED still blinking.

Lower left on the throttle and nothing. it does NOT ARM the motors. Green still blinking.

What am I missing?

I also connected DronePlanner on my phone with the dongle to the telemetry adapter and nothing there either. software doesn’t arm it either.

I did re-do the calibration from MM successfully on Mission manager so pre-flight looks ok.

What am I missing? please help a total NOOB… :slight_smile:

What version of ArduCopter are you using?

Arming the copter is Lower Right, Disarm is Lower Left…

Green Light means everything is fine for the copter and the flight mode.


Just guessing, as it’s been awhile since I’ve flown my Iris+, but I think you need to wait for a solid green light, not flashing. Stock Iris+ needs GPS lock before it will allow arming.

That is what I thought, I have blinking green and it may not be locking.

I had installed the latest mission planner, 1.3.32 Build 1.1.5736.30798

I did upload firmware to it, but my arming issue was there from the before the update.

Question on the remote, the display does not seem to show IRIS data, just the remote voltage. It doesn’t look like the screen on the user guide. does the IRIS data/voltage etc only appear after arming?


I meant lower right, that is what I had been trying.

What version of ArduCopter, not Mission Planner, are you using?

I thought flashing green was the pixhawk saying everything is good to go and it goes solid green when you arm it. Bit like the safety switch flashing until you press it and it goes solid to say it’s good to go.

Have you tried arming while connected to mission planner, it should say on the hud what is stopping it from arming.

Have you re-done the radio calibration? could it be you’re not getting the throttle+rudder travel needed to trigger arming.

Thanks for the help!

I finally got it to arm.

I bought this used, and found out the remote control was not properly bound to it, and also the telemetry TX’s were on different ID’s so they were not bonding either. I upgraded each Telemetry module firmware using mission planner. That didn’t work until I only plugged one at a time into the USB, probably due to power drain issues.

I went through all the calibration, (IRIS and remote control) and put it in STD mode which did not require a GPS lock (my led was blinking green) and got it to arm up just fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help


I did not install ArduCopter yet. I thought it does roughly the same as mission planner?