New 250 gram build

I am really enjoying 4.3 firmware. thought i share my new 250 Gram project.


Currently I’m overweight. I have some lightweight PLA coming soon. Right now AUW is 261 due to my choice 35 amp ESC’s. Photo show bigger props currently using 3" tri props right now with 3s.power.

Maiden outside flight. GPS lock is slow so only Stabilize mode showing in video. S Cal is having a lot of Rain this week…

Dropbox - GH010278.wmv - Simplify your life
Dropbox - GH010279.wmv - Simplify your life

That is a sweet looking design. Is that your own and do you plan on sharing it?

The GPS fix is slow because in a sub 250 there is a lot of interference due to the little space. They will be even more with the VTX turned on. You have to distance and shield

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Thank you, I think I going to try to sell it for a small management fee. 14.00 us or something like that. PM if you want it.