NEO 6M compass heading trouble


I have a Neo 6m GPS/Compass module and HK pilot 2.7 APM board, running APM:Copter 3.2. The GPS is up and running fine, I get a fix within 30s to 1m, and it is giving accurate coordinates… but the compass is not making any sense. I have done the calibration successfully several times, but the heading is wither inaccurate, or just flat out weird. Sometimes it is far off, sometimes is rotates opposite of the copter, and whenever i lean the copter forward/back and left/right, the heading goes off course.

The module is at least 6 inches from any other electronics, and I dont believe interference is an issue.

Any ideas? If there is any other information you need, ask away!



On my NEO-6 I have to select to rotate 180 degrees as the magnetometer is on the underside of the GPS.
I also wanted the wires coming out straight back from the GPS case so after opening the case and checking for the small spot on the magnetometer I had to choose a 45 deegre angle in the setting to compensate.

Yeah I opened up the case and found the same thing, and I thought it was kind of strange mounting a mag upside down.Anyway, I changed the setting to ROTATION_ROLL_180_YAW_45, or something like that and it appears to be working, however I am still waiting on better weather to do an actual flight test so we will see how that turns out.


This is the problem running hardware from a manufacturer who has not made any attempt to make the program work with their hardware and leave it up to the user to figure it out.


I have APM 2.5 with firmware 3.2. I have Neo 6M gps only. But when I connect it to APM, it always swaps “No Fix/No GPS” on Mission Planner’s Flight Data screen. I installed the configuration file on the wiki. Baud rate is correct. Nothing changes when GPS is indoors or outdoors. Before purchasing Neo 6M gps, I tried it with old 3DR gps (MediaTek GTPA010). The response was the same. I cannot figure out the problem. Is there any idea what can it be?

Blown 3.3V regulator from non-3dr APM?

Nope. I figured it out. Although the apm came soldered, the soldering under the external gps entrance was bad and TX and RX pins were slightly touching each other. That is why, apm could not perceive the gps properly. When the solder is cleared, no problem left.

Apm 2.6 with external compass/ gps


with the quad outside connected via Telemetry