Neep help analyzing Crash Log


Specs : T-motor M600 Frame
T-motor MN4004 motors and P14x4.8 propellers
T-motor 4in1 ESC
Cube Orange
Here3 GPS
Herelink RC and Telem
6000 mAh 6s2p Lithium Ii-ion battery
AUW 1650gms

Video Link :

Log Link :

Thrust Test Link : mn4004 P14x4.8 - Google Sheets

I completed assembling this copter yesterday evening and went for its first test flight today.
Tested in Stabilize mode first, everything was fine except that it felt a little wobbly and was yawing a little sometimes when pitching or rolling. I reduced accel max for roll and pitch to prevent anything crazy from happening and changed atc_thr_mix_man to 0.5 as advised in the docs.

Then i switched to alt hold , copter was dropping altitude a couple of times so i increased psc_accz_p a little bit and this problem got fixed right away

but the second time i tried taking off in Alt hold, it flipped and crashed. Autopilot disarmed the motors as soon as the crash was detected. Only damage done was the gps mount broke off the carbon fibre top plate.

I checked the log and saw 2 motors going full throttle for some reason. Cant figure out what went wrong.


Have you checked if the ESC and motors are working good?

Before it fell, seems like it was losing thrust. Its output fell as input raised.

Check your motor4/ESC4. The output went maximum which means it was not producing enough thrust. Thus the system raise it and try to regain thrust, while motor3/ESC3 went minimum to balance.