Need to reverse steering servo movement

Hi is there any way we can reverse the steering direction. After I mount a servo for the steering and check, it is going in reverse order, say if I turn rover left from radio, it turns right. I know I can achieve this by reversing the check box on MP but what happens if it would run in auto or guided mode without radio. So APM would think it is turning left but it will be actually right. Mechanically it looks very difficult. Can we swap the +ve wire of servo with -ve wire going to APM? I am afraid it would burn the servo.


Just set and it will be applied even in auto or guided

Thanks but no change. Its the steering servo. I changed the value, write params, disconnected and reconnected. No change same previous behavious.

If your in Manual mode no settings in ArduPilot have any effect. So, if you want to reverse the steering you need to set it reversed on your transmitter.
However, if your in AUTO or GUIDED mode then the ArduPilot settings do work and you will need to set RCx_REV (steering is normally on RC1) for it to work correctly. If your steering server isn’t on RC1 you will also need to change the RCMAP_ROLL parameter to match whatever channel it is on and set RCx_REV for that channel.

Thanks, Grant.

Thanks @khancyr and @gmorph for your kind tip at the last moment just before I was about to change the servo lever and base. I have reversed it from radio and will check the auto mode tomorrow. Hopefully it will work as expected.

Hi there, did you manger to solve your issue? I appear to be having the same issue. I’d be keen to hear where you got to. Cheers