Need some useful tips for first take off and landing config

Hi guys, I have a small bucket load of experience with APMcopter with auto landing and it works well, but I’m a newbie with that on APMplane. I’ve seen the guide for that task here and read it. … d-landing/

Are there any other good threads or blogs on ‘useful to know parameters’ for a successful first auto land with APMplane (preferably relevant to V3.X.X firmware, not obsolete firmwares) ?

Thanks for any pointers.
PS. Aircraft is a 80" span high wing trainer and has been auto-tuned successfully.

I put the landing point where I want it, then a waypoint 300m away upwind at 50m AGL and that’s it. It works pretty well for an autolanding. You may have to change those values a bit with some experience depending on plane type, weight, drag and configuration.

Thanks, I’ll do that downwind turn around waypoint method.

Question about APM:Plane and tricycle landing gear aircraft.
Is it better, or even possible, to have a nose wheel servo on it’s own channel on APM, or just use a Y-cable from the rudder servo as done in a regular model ?


Here’s a tip I learnt the hard way. :cry:
The wiki states “As soon as the ground speed, as measured by the GPS, exceeds 3 m/s, the takeoff heading will be set to the magnetometer’s yaw sensor.” I have found this to be incorrect and has caused failed hand launches in auto because the aircraft rolled hard immediately after launch.
The take off heading is actually set as soon as you switch to auto. So always switch to auto only when the aircraft is facing the direction of take off. Obvious tip for ROG take offs but not so obvious for hand launches.