Need some 101 on SITL - probably going with wrong assumptions from the beginning


I have a feeling that what i want to do is not even possible. but, may be it is possible.

If i have a specific custom modified ardupilot code in the controller, and i have radio receiver connected to it - i have taranis linked to the receiver - controller - is it possible to feed radio inputs into the Matek and make SITL react to that - essentially having simulator to fake factual flight parameters like gyro, etc. and feeding it INTO the controller - but having matek to make all the computations - essentially testing the whole hardware/software build this way?

if not possible - then, fine, i am just digging into that and trying to understand if it may or may not work.

other way, i understand, is to connect taranis to the PC directly, to USB and use it as a joystick with a custom sim model - i have it there, but did not use in an eternity.

if i do it this way - can i connect it to the specific build done for the matek, and use the actual parameters file for the matek? last probably should be trivial, but i am not sure how the actual code built for the specific boar can be included into the test or cannot.

i hope the question makes sense. :slight_smile: if not - i am sorry.

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This is hardware in the loop, it is not supported in the current ardupilot code.

Yeah, just build for sitl, you can flash all the flight related params but not hardware ones, for example changing cruise airspeed will work but changing compass ordering will not.

makes perfect sense, thank you for the clarification, Pete.