Need help with setting up switch on Radio Transmitter

I have a DJI F450 copter with a Pixhawk. I am using a FlySky FS-T6 transmitter and FS-R6B receiver. The receiver connects to the Pixhawk using a PPM Encoder.

The copter is working well in Stabilize mode, manually controlled by the transmitter.

However, I would like to fly an automated (GPS guided) flight, as I am interested in using this for mapping. I have learned how to create the flight path and load it into the copter. Yesterday, we took the copter outside, with a flight plan loaded, and attempted to fly it. But, we couldn’t get it to take off. It wouldn’t arm in Auto mode.

I watched a video which describes that it is a good, safe idea to have a dedicated toggle switch to quickly flip between Stabilize mode and Auto mode. I’m not sure that this is a necessity for making an Auto flight or not. To date, and during my testing yesterday, the flight modes have been controlled on Channel 5, using the VRA dial on the transmitter.

Also, it looks like Channel 6 might be available, but I’m not sure.

The FS-R6B receiver has 7 ports, the top most of which is labeled “BAT” and the remaining 6 ports are labeled channel 1 through channel 6. The BAT port is empty, and all six of the channel ports are used by the plugs coming from the PPM encoder, with wiring as follows:

Channel 1, single wire, signal, purple
Channel 2, single wire, signal, blue
Channel 3, single wire, signal, green
Channel 4, single wire, signal, yellow
Channel 5, single wire, signal, orange
Channel 6, three wires - signal, white; positive, red; negative, black

I note that the plug in the Channel 6 port has three wires - white, red and black, and that this is different than the remaining five plugs, which only have one wire each. Also, the outgoing plug from the PPM encoder, connected to the (left rear) RC port on the Pixhawk happens to also have white, red and black wires. Maybe this means that I don’t have a sixth channel available?

On the FS-T6 transmitter, under the functions menu, there is a screen that shows settings for auxiliary channels, specifically channels 5 and 6. Channel 5 is set to be controlled by the VRA dial (“Source VrA”). Channel 6 however, simply lists “Source Used”, and does not appear to be controllable. Does this confirm that Channel 6 in unavailable to me?

Finally, in Mission Planner, v. 1.3.45, at Initial Setup>Mandatory Hardware>Radio Calibration, Channels 1 through 4 operate as expected to control pitch, roll, throttle and yaw (not necessarily in that order). Channel 5 (set to VrA dial) is set up to switch between 6 different flight modes, as defined at Initial Setup> Mandatory Hardware>Flight Modes.

In exploring this some more, it appears that one way to work around this is to set Channel 5 to one of the toggle switches on the FS-T6 transmitter (for example, SWA). This appears to work. It would allow for quickly switching between Stabilize and Auto modes.

Suggestions for getting going with an auto flight are kindly appreciated.


The flight controller will not allow you to arm in Auto Mode. This is a defensive thing so that the copter by accident doesn’t take off on you while switching modes.

You need to arm in Stabilize mode and then switch to Auto mode. Then raise the throttle to start the mission if you have a take off command as your first item. Otherwise you need to be in the air and switch to Auto mode.

This can also be done with Tower or Mission planner. You select arm copter on the GCS and then Take off.

It is a good idea to have a backup plan if the Mission starts to go bad on you.


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Thanks Mike. I think that’s exactly what I was needing. Maybe you know – my son was asking if we switch the flight modes from the dial which has six settings to a toggle switch which only has two, and set the two flight modes on the toggle switch to auto and stabilize, will we then lose the return to launch capability of the copter? I understand that we would lose the ability to manually start the return to launch feature, but I’m wondering if it might still be available via the programs – when called for by low-voltage, or loss of RC connection, etc.

You don’t need RTL as a flight mode for it to be activated from a failsafe.

Thanks for all the help guys!

We went out and flew our first auto mission this morning. It was flawless!