Need help with my pixhawk 4 flight contreller

I’m new at this I want to istall it in my quadcopter drone but i cant hey nothing to work keeps flashing yellow and I’m not sure if I have the right thing programmed in it when I flashed firmware… can any one help or can I send it to some one.?

Good day,
what version firmware are you using right now on your fc?
can you please describe your issue…

It could be because of number of reasons. No GPS signal lock, fail safe acting etc.

Read this

All flashing lights tells you whats happening.

Also, inside mission planner u will see error messages inside the HUD.

When using mission planner install quadcopter firmware first.

Its says octo rotor this a drone quad copter

Cant put a pic can you guys text me on messenger its would be easier … my name is Johnny abraham I live montreal

Anybody can contact me thank u

No one will contact you privately. You need to put your problems here, pics, what setup you have. At this point no one has any idea what is that you are doing.

You can upload files here. Click this inside the text box.


Yes , and also this guy not setup frame design to quad or octa and also some time compass error show like this …

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face: