Need help with diagnosing tilt at takeoff

My drone is always tilting at takeoff to the same direction and doing the same maneuver to correct it, like in the image below:

I tried analyzing the logs, but I couldn’t pinpoint a cause that I am still novice with logs. Can someone lend a hand ?

Dataflash log from most recent flight with this behavior:

The motors look pretty balanced in flight. Do you have some kind of payload? or landing gear? Does the wind have any impact on this?

During the flight there was no wind, it has a landing gear and a water tank, but the same behavior happens if the tank is removed

With GPS for Yaw I suppose you will need some movement to determine heading.

Why use V4.1.0 beta5 firmware? Looks like a lot of default parameters also.

I use this version because of two reasons:

Initially I didn’t know how to compile firmware and how to compile this specific version. This version worked, I was afraid if I changed, maybe the flight wouldn’t as good, so I kept.

Now that I know how to compile another v4.1.0 beta5 in case the new firmware doesn’t work, I am trying to solve all these little problems, like the tilt, before upgrading. My reasoning being if I upgrade, I will add a lot of variables, like if these little problem are gone, how would I know the reason for that?

Which parameters should I be looking to change?

Install a compass and use it?