Need help - review and explain tlog - to help me find my drone

Hello! I’ve lost my drone and I need help to investigate tlog and figure out what happened and where it may land/fall.
I will be appreciate much if anybody can help
log_usb_2018_09_27_14_43_07_476.tlog (822.7 KB)

Hey @Yuriy_Homyakov,

It says the last seen at

Hope you find your drone.

Seemingly, the compass has failed according to the tlog, so if you recover the drone, I suggest looking into that

Thanks @Varun_Nelakanti , but I’ve searched at last-known position - my drone is not there. I even have photos of this place from another drone map

Was strong wind - >12 m/s and I want somebody to explain what possible drone behaviour after connection lost, according logs. As I see - drone got failsafe condition and started LAND mode. Can I sugges that LAND mode is final mode and drone will not switch to another mode? Where drone will try to land - a some concrete position or just land somewhere forward by wind direction? Can I approximately calculate landing position if I know wind speed?

According to the logs, it switched to LAND followed by RTL, but since you lost connection, it ends there. You need to know just how fast your drone was relative to the wind direction along with wind speed, and then you might be able to figure out approx where the drone could have landed. Assuming your drone has enough thrust to stabilize itself? It seems to have just gone in the direction it was heading the whole way.