Need help mini pixhawk fw AP3.8 beta

Dear everyone.
i have problem with my 3dr mini pixhawk.
i try to update firmware plane fw ap 3.7.1 but when i connect to board, then it’s keeping install. i try to uprade all firmware but only can run with ap3.8 beta.
Then i update to ap 3.8fw beta, now it’s work good. but i can’t reversed channel, i only can choose some reversed in radio controller calibration but it’s not right, and i try to alot of way in parameter but no use. i only can reserved in my radio controller.

i need your help, thanks you all.


With firmware 3.7.1 you need to set parameter BRD_TYPE to 5 so that the Pixhawk Mini gets recognized. With firmware 3.8 beta2 this board is recognized automatically.

With firmware 3.8 beta2 there were some changes in channel configurations and it’s possible Mission Planner (which I assume you are using) hasn’t been updated to support yet. To reverse an input channel you have to set RCX_REVERSED to 1. To reverse an output channel you have to set SERVOX_REVERSED to 1.

I hope this helps.

thanks you so much. did you know about the esc ? i have problem with my 40a esc skywalker, it’s work with apm and pixhawk, but it’s not work with pixhawk mini, it’s keeping beeping. i don’t know why… maybe not support ?

I don’t have any idea why the ESC wouldn’t be working. I suggest you open a new thread about that.