Need help looking over a log, had an unexpected crash?

Bixler 1.1 with 10-12 very good flights running APM 2.8 with 3.4 firmware. Its my 1st crash not knowing exactly what happened. Popped into manual mode briefly, plane felt funny, then hit RTL & down she went?? This plane was flying great, all auto modes worked great. After retrieving it from a tree, the port side servo has 1 or 2 stripped teeth, with aileron in neutral position flat, servo just spins until I push it by hand, then it catches. My question is, did this servo fail before the crash & cause it?? I was pretty low over trees, but RTL has saved this plane many times on the verge of hitting the ground. She usually pulls right up & climbs immediately when entering RTL mode, not this time?? I also just now noticed gps time is not updating??
Can anyone take a look at the log & try to find anything obvious, Thanks