Need help diagnosing a plane crash during AUTO


I had a a new flying that I was testing and it crashed in the middle of an auto mission. The aircraft was tuned in the previous flight and had a good performance. The AUTO flight was going well while it suddenly banked hard in the middle of a straight and spiralled down. It fell down, but didn’t have any major damage (fortunately). I had a look at the logs but couldn’t find any major issues.

I did discover that the trim was a little off. The plane had to apply some UP elevator to fly level in the AUTO flight as seen here. CH 1 and CH2 out are off by about 150ms. THis is a flying wing, so the output mapping is where CH1-low and CH2-high corresponds to the plane pitching UP.

The moment of crash - You can notice that the plane is starting to roll and then lose track of the desired roll and pitch before doom.

Can anyone help me take a shot at this online?