Need Guidance - New to Quad Copters

As a Newbie I’ve got not too many ideas as to where to go for good advice on building my own Arduino based system.

(I might even be in the wrong Forum, but seemed like a good place to start.)

I’m good at electronics and built loads of Arduino based controllers, Copters seem very interesting but my knowledge on how easy it is to get a simple system running is very close to zero…

Where should I start to get a simple, viable design and where to get the bits for it…? (I buy a lot of stuff from china)

Any pointers woiuld be greatly appreciated. I’m in the UK.

Many thanks in advance,

: ))


You can start by reading the Arducopter manual. It walks you through the whole setup. From there you can branch out and start researching specific things that you don’t understand. There are thousands of videos that will teach you very thing you need to know. You can come back here and ask specific questions if you need more help.

Many many thanks !

I’ll download it as soon as I can locate it.

Greatly appreciate your response.

: )))


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