Need battery recommendations

I’m looking for a bigger battery that will fit into the Iris. Does anyone have any suggestions on a larger 3s or 4s battery? Thanks.

The 5000mah Turnigy is fine as is the MaxAmps 5450. Both 3S.

It looks like the maxamps is lighter and bigger than the zippy, would you know the flight time differance between the two?

Possible batteries that I’ve seen people use with their IRIS. The 3S ones should give better flight time because they have more capacity and the 4S also gives better flight time because it has higher voltage. Remember: P = U * I.

I use the Turnigy A-SPEC and I’m quite happy with it.
Keep in mind that you need to use an uBEC for the 4S in case you use the Gimbal.

I’m using this one - Venom 4000mAH 3S 20C - … B000W7WWFW

Seems to work just fine. I cut off the adapter wires (one at a time!!!) and soldered on an XT60 connector [and used heat shrink tube to cover the solders].

I have the turnigy zippy 5000 25c battery and get 16-17 min flights with a Gopro on the front mount.

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