Need assistence for GeoFence

Hi. I need assistance with writing GeoFence on my hexacopter. Can someone help me?
When I try to write the polygon with inclusion of GeoFence on my hexacopter, I encounter an error: “Upload FENCE failed FENCE_POLYGON_VERTEX_INCLUSION / MAV_MISSION_UNSUPPORTED”

What kind of error is it?
I thank you for the help!

I am not sure if related to this thread

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Hi @Alfio_Zammataro
What GCS are you using? What ArduCopter version are you using?
Also note that uploading/downloading a polygon fence needs MAVLink 2 protocol.
If you have a USB connection, this should not be any problem… However if you’re using a telemetry device (mostly default is set to MAVLink 1), do double check!


Thank you @gnitzan. Your help has allowed me to fix this mistake!

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Hi @rishabsingh3003. I’m using the last version of ArduCopter.
With mission planner I modified the serial protocols by setting the MAVlink2, but now I have problems with writing the Wp’s … the error is this: “timeout on read - getHomePosition”.
Other parameters to be set?