My tricopter is Wobbling while trying to hover

I just recently bought the ardupilot mega 2.5 board for my tricopter, and I have been having lots of problems. When i first tried to fly the copter, on takeoff, after a certain throttle, the copter would spin really fast. To fix this I reversed the Servo in mission planner, but then the servo was the turning the wrong way while controlling it, so i reversed the yaw on my remote. This seemed to do the trick, but the tricopter is still spinning slightly in one direction, and i cant figure out how to trim it. As well as spinning, the copter seems to wobble a lot in the air, its stable and not moving much, but it keeps wobbling no matter what imput i give it. Since i am a newbie I will point out that it is not because I am Trying to descend. Please help, thanks in advance.

Is the servo slightly tilted to one side at rest? The wobbling might mean you need to turn the PIDs down.

yes at rest, the yaw is slightly tilted to one side, however i figured out the PIDs by ooking at videos, but now i am having trouble trimming the yaw on the tricopter because i read that it is bad to do it on the transmitter.