My Throttle problem

i have a plane with pixhawk 2.4.8

this is radio calibration , and throttle is ok
but in servo output it is not working & locked on 1100

also i have this problem for ESC calibration

HELP ME PLZ :frowning:

Unless you’ve disabled the safety switch none of the servos will move. I will usually configure this with BRD_SAFETY_MASK.

Throttle output will not move until the drone is armed.

The ESC Calibration you’re looking at is for AC, ArduCopter, not plane. Here’s the wiki:

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i have activated safety switch
and i have armed it with arm/disarm in mission planner , not with radio control , its not working for me
but the problem didnt solved

ty anyway

Are you supplying power to the servo bus?

How are you powering the FC? Are you using a battery or just USB?

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throttle problem fixed with your help friend
when i read your guide link

and eac calibration error is not important for me now , i can fly the plane
and i think i can find the answer in that link

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i lost my air plane :neutral_face::joy::rofl::neutral_face::neutral_face:
it goes out of control range , in the clouds , i think it will fall 40 km in the mountains and i cant find that! sad :frowning:
about 300$

but it flys so nice , and then said good bye

Sorry to hear that. I guess you’ll be paying more attention to the fail-safe and RTL settings next time?