My quadcopter spins around on its own

As you can see in this video, when i takeoff my quadcopter, it starts to spin. It sets rotor 1 and 2 to full speed while 3 and 4 at lowest. I tried to pull the yaw axis to other direction but that didn’t make difference.

Are the arms twisted in any way? Is the motor order correct? Did you do a motor order test?

That happened to me after my quad configuration mysteriously got changed from H to X, which changed the assumptions the flight controller made about motor spin direction. After I corrected that, it flew fine.

Arms arent twisted. The motor spin order in motor test is “front right, rear right, rear left, front left”. That is ok isnt it?

I will check that. Thanks :slight_smile:

No Joke, I got the same thing a few days ago on a Matek FC I checked everything to fix it and then tossed the FC for a return via the brown truck. The motors has a slight tilt to them so it could be that. I installed a new FC from a different manufacture tweaked the motor pods and it fine…

Go into the model profile in the radio and REVERSE the RUDDER channel.