My quad is gaining heigh in unusual manner

I have been facing a problem. I have an X configuration ardupilot quadcopter. WHen I push my elevator stick forward the front motors that is the motors at the side of forward pointer of apm increase speed. But as per the instruction I found that the back motors should increase speed when I push the elevator stick forward. So I Reverse the elevator channel of my Turnigy 9x transmitter. But the problem now is when I pust the elevator stick forward my qauadcopter in gaining altitude at a high rate. if I push the alieron stick it is not ascending but slightly decending. BUt when I push the elevator stick forward it is gaining height.
can anybody tell me why this is happening? I am also attaching a photo explaining my frame and motor setup. I am using “X” configuration.

Which flight mode are you in? In stabilize mode the pilot has full control of the motor so you’ll need to constantly adjust the throttle to keep it in the air.

If you’re in AltHold then the issue could be that you need to do the accelerometer calibration again.

This is all guess work though, it’s best to provide dataflash log files.