My 4.0 KG Quad Log Diagnosis

Hi Everybody,
please may someone of the experts reveal the conclusion about my Quad Performance and possible errors.
AutoAnalysis Files Are Attached.7-3-2020 BigQuad Auto Review Log.txt (1.0 KB) 7-3-2020 BQ long flight log.txt (986 Bytes)
Thanks in advance

The Auto-Analysis files are not terribly useful.

Please attach the dataflash logs.

Thx Saijin_Naib for your reply.
Sorry the files are somehow big, here is the link for the dataflash logs:

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I took a look, but I’m not very good with log analysis. Someone else will hopefully be able to help better.

Other than a relatively low GPS SAT count this looks pretty good. You could set MOT_BAT_VOLT Max and MIN

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Thx Guys for your help.

Looks like it flys OK in that latest log - maybe let us know the prop size, seems like some of your params are still at defaults. There could be some slight improvements to be made.

I’d definitely set these: