mY 250 g awareness

Some interesting things building my 250 g. Three frames the same, motors and FC the same. ESC not the same firmware updates with the build… Tuning… running the 3 inch tri props gave smooth flights however take off on one of the frame gave some yaw issues. Changing the props on two of the frames to 4 singles gave some odd rocking in pitch that was removed with adjusting the pids all well.

In this image I showing frame 3 of 3. Switching to 4 singles improved handling removed the liftoff yaw error and better power but introduced a hardware rocking I seen before.

turning down the PID’s smoothed it out and flys smooth as a baby bottom. all of the new firmware is nice with the exception of the disarming issue now ok. The odd loiter cycle is gone as a few months ago. well done!

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Each frame has different ESC’s the ones on frame 3 shown are not so good I think with the red dinosaur logo. This brand will not work over Dshot 300. but they fly fine. Dshot 600 and above interduce’s a pulse will not arm at all but trigger motor one after power.