Multiple Channel Outputs

Hello my Friends.

I’m building a Hexacopter for a School Project with a PX4 2.4.8. I have a Camera gimbal for which I need the PWM Output (2 Channels) and a Retractable Landing gear (only 1 Channel) with either a Relay Output or a PWM Signal. How do I know which AUX Ports will be used?

Ch1 to Ch8 on the PX4 2.4.8 are the obvious RCOUT 1 to 8
Ch9 to Ch14 on the PX4 2.4.8 are teh RCAUX OUT 1 to 6

Well that makes sense, I wasn’t able to find this information’s in the Internet. Thank you

So that’s how it should work?

yeap, that is correct

And do not forget the inputs have noting to do with the outputs

You can try this one option Rcpassthrough

It means your directly channel output to pass on aux channel on your pixhawk and it’s start to 9 to 14 AUX

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Passthrough can be used on any output. And rather than use Passthrough it’s better practice to assign the input even if its the same channel Input to output. It accomplishes the same thing but better educates how Input and Output are really completely separate.

For example SERVO7_FUNCTION 1 (passthrough) and SERVO7_FUNCTION 57 (RCIN7) accomplish the same thing. But I would suggest the later is better practice.