mRo Control Zero H7

I am having an issue where my mRo Control Zero H7 is not recognized by my computer or Mission Planner. When I connect it the H7 only displays a solid green light. Would forcing the bootloader fix this?

Good day, use the last release of MP updating all the drivers are necessary, try also usb change cable.
I don’t suggest force the bootloader fix…if bootloader its corrupted you need an stlink with tc2030 connector for flash the bootloader.
Just in case try also qgroundcontrol

I have tried all fixes mentioned with no luck. That is why I am thinking about a bootloader issue. Can the bootloader not be reflashed like on the cube via USB?

I never flash the .hex file with bootloader using usb, ive always done it with a jtag…, you can try

On boards where it’s easy to flash the bootloader there is a button to enter DFU mode on power up.

Control zero don’t have that option for entering in DFU mode…