MP Tuning screen


What is the MP tuning screen refresh rate?
Located: Flight Data -> on the bottom of screen „tuning“

I’m tuning my ultrasonic sensors and I see refresh rate of 3-4Hz, my sensor output should be 20Hz. Is this actual sensor output or MP configuration for displaying info?

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I’m referring to this screen:

The data rate for the Tuning Display is rate at which the MavLink data is received whether you are on USB or a telemetry radio.
I always tune my sonar sensors with the “sonartest” function in the CLI “test” suite.
TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

Under Flight Data -> Actions -> Raw Sensor View you can select 3, 10 and 50, I think this is Hz. Now I have beautiful smooth curves. Changed 3 to 50.

What you may find with copter though is that while flying it’s not able to send the data at the requested rate especially when the CPU is very loaded in modes like LOITER, RTL, Auto.

That’s a good point! Does this refresh rate in MP actually change anything in the main program? Or should I be more concerned about my sensor output refresh rate to keep the load on the APM minimal?