"MOVING BASE" relative Alt

I can connect my GPS and see the lilac Rally Point icon on map. Positioning the mouse over this icon appears “Rally Point Alt xxx”, being xxx the absolut Alt.

When switch RTL the drone is positioned on the Rally Point and ascends instead of going down because it considers this absolute height as relative.

Of the innumerable tests that I have done, there has been one in which the icon of the Rally Point was blue and positioned with the mouse on it appeared the legend of “Moving Base” and not the Alt above sea level. Maybe this is the right thing for the drone to go down instad of climbing.

My question is:
Is there any consideration for this blue icon (“Moving Base”) to appear instead of the lilac (“Alt xxx”)?

Moving base is a term used for a particular, complex, RTK GPS configuration.

Do not use that unless you use a RTK moving basestation. Period.

Are you sure? I thought I could also use Moving Base for RTL to a mobile CGS

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