Mounting Here 2 GPS Unit Upside Down

So I’m trying to finish my Hexacopter build from years ago that was supposed to have a S550 frame with a Pixhawk 2.1 (The Cube) in it. Most of the stuff is ready except I’d bought a RPLidar A2M8 to put on my drone for collission avoidance. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out where to place my Lidar sensor since the GPS stands obstruct it’s line of sight if I place it on the top and the legs of my drone obstruct it if I place it below. I was hoping I could get some suggestions. I’m honestly thinking about placing the gps units below the chassis and keeping the lidar on the top if it works too. I just wanna know if this would change any sort of calibration setups I’d have to go through.

This is a bad idea for both the GPS and the compass in the module.

If you have any other suggestions for what I could do to ensure my lidar’s view isn’t obstructed by anything else.

You could mount the GPS unit on a stalk that extends out from the frame laterally, placing it below the prop blades, but this will put the compass in closer proximity to the motors.

Or use a short vertical GPS stalk and mount the LIDAR with a clear view above it. That would place the compass potentially close to the LIDAR motor.

You could also consider installing retractable skids, and then mount the LIDAR underneath.

You’ll have to make some concessions, one way or another.

Hmm… I still don’t see why I can’t just mount the stand upside down and let the unit hang from its topside instead of placing the sticky tape down below. Also, about retractable skids, I already have those but I don’t exactly understand how I’ll program the drone to only scan for surroundings when the drone isn’t on the ground.

You’ll mask the GPS antenna.

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And the compass will likely be useless.

Hmm ok so I’ve found out one way which was to get a smaller gps stand and place the lidar on a larger stand, both at the top ofc. Hopefully it’ll work.