Motors Stuttering when starting up

I am using Tmotor Antigravity 4006 KV380 motors with A Tmotor 4 in 1 F55 ESC. I calibrated the ESC and all of them arm. When there is no props on, all motor spin perfectly. But when I have props on, the motors stutter for 2-3 seconds and then they start up correctly. I thought it was something related with the motor timing. I tried to increase it and it helped a little bit but still happens.

Any help?

Thanks in advance

Try to reduce power up ramp to 10% or 20%. I was successfull with that.
Also reducing max acceleration may help, but most important is reducing power up ramp

Have a look here, it might help

When stuttering motors happend to me though, it has always been the timing setting inside the ESC. Thats a different approach, but vey easy to fix with something like BLheliConfigurator app.

Thanks a lot, I will try. I will keep you posted.

Thanks for the video. I do not think that was my problem. Happened with all the 4 motors. I should be the timing. Should I increase it or decrease it?

I think that depends, start low and work yourself up.
Remember this video was helpful to me understanding the settings of ESCs.

Seach forums here for “stutter” and you will find several threads.

Thank you for all the answer. I have solved the issue. I wanted to post this back in the day but I have realized that the message never published. I want to explain what happened so If somebody with the same problem enters here could be able to read what I figured out.

My problem was that these motors have a very weird rigid cable and it is difficult to solder. In the way I have installed the motors they make an awkward angle, that was creating fissures in the shrink tubes that were covering the soldered joints, and making contact with some aluminum parts, leading to this malfunction.

I did not think that could be the issue because all the motors were doing the same, but after inspecting all motors I could see that was a common flaw in all of them.

I re soldered and put new shrink tube in all the joints and bent the wires in a different way and now everything works fine.