Motors stop intermittently then continue spinning

Hi, I am making octa-quad copter I used pixhawk 2.4.8 and 2 Hobbywing 4in1 esc connected in parallel to battery and signal wires connected to main output form 1 to 8 in pixhawk I followed all instructions Ardupilot docs for first time flight setup but I had a problem with motors that motors stop spinning while throttle and while motor test from mission planner immediately for 1 second then continue spinning I made ESC calibration several time also I tried to use Dshot 1200 protocol over aux outputs for 6 motors but I couldn’t solve the problem. I attached a photo for ESC Blheli settings

I tried with these settings also

  • Rampup power = %50
  • Sine modulation = on
  • non Damped Mode = on
  • Motor Timing = 16 deg
  • Brake on stop = off
    but nothing solved my problem, I think the problem stems from pixhawk but from which parameters and why please help

Set all the ESC settings back to default and then turn off Low RPM Power Protect, Low Voltage Protection and Current Protection. And obviously you can’t use Dshot with an Octoquad and that Flight Controller.

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Thank you very much it worked. I never thought that the problem could be from these settings

Somewhere around 700kV and below (unscientific guess) is where Low RPM Power Protect has to be disabled. Voltahe and current limits are just a bad idea for multirotors unless it’s a racer which can take a crash w/o serious damage.