Motors running rough

I rebuilt the drone, cleaned everything and remade the connector between the ESC and FC - this is wher I suspect the issue was. The first two test flights went down without any issues.

why you dont try autotune?

Good job well done with that

Autotune wont do anything if you did not follow the Tuning Process Instructions page on wiki it is just for fine tuning. And as I have suspected it was a hardware based problem.

yes but ı think quad dont fly bad, maybe he can reflash firmware, on my plane ı have a kind of same issue plane was so sensitive so ı reflash and fix it, of course not totally same vehicle but run ardupilot both of them Diy Rc Uçak V2 İlk Uçuş Denemesi | Nerdeyse Oluyordu - YouTube

I was just focused on the motors were running roughly. Actually, that was the main problem. Motors were sounding so bad and it was not safe for a flight he actually had to solve this motor problem then he can really fly