Motors Quit Need Advice

Need some newbie help. I have built a F450 quad using an APM 2.6 board.
I am using a Flysky FSi6 transmitter to control this.

When I attempt to start the engines up, they run for a few seconds then all quit.

Any ideas?


Since the motors started you should have a flight log of what it did. Hook it up to USB and download the log so we can see why it shut them down.


Ok, I got the motors running now, but everytime I unplug the lipo I have to go thru the entire sequence of plugging, unplugging, plugging unplugging etc to get them to respond again to throttle inputs. Can’t seem to find a simple arming sequence.

any ideas?


Are you letting them idle? If you let them idle too long without applying any throttle, they will disarm. I think the time is 15 seconds.

See the second note…

Like I said motors are running fine now. All throttle positions and not quitting. Thing is I do
not know how to rearm the motors so they run after disconnecting the battery.
When I do I have to go thru an entire sequence, long sequence of plug, unplug, plug unplug
or they won’t run again. There must be something I’m missing.