Motors go crazy with transmitter (video for details)

I have a problem:
I use:
Pix Mini Radiolink up to date
Tamaris X7
I think I have a configuration problem: when I put up the throttle of the RC, all the motors are crazy ! any idea?

I show in the video my configuration of the Transmitter, and motor test, tests, please watch it:

Thank you

It’s kinda hard to tell from the video, but it looked like motor A and B were going in the same direction.

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oh good idea, I check that now, thank you

B and D are not turning in the good direction! thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Chris_Khosravi,
So I corrected the wrong direction, it is better but the quadcopter is still vibrating
very hard when I put up a little the throttle…

Any idea? it’s look like a stability problem:

Thank you very much

I get the same result on a well tuned mini quad if I change to 4S batteries.
It was tuned on 3S.
Try lowering the PID’s, that should help.

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Thank you @mboland I put the minimal values in Basic PID configuration (1, 0.01 and 0.1) abd bow it is smooth. I have a 4S batterie, maybe it was not a good idea, it is too nervous!
now I neew to clean wires mess and fix everything, then I’ll try to fly
thank you again :slight_smile:

Have you reversed the Pitch in transmitter?

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Hi, I fix the issue with the calibration of the ESC. now it is much better :slight_smile: