Motors beeping after updating firmware

Before updating, my firmware version was 4.1 and everything was working Then I updated the firmware to 4.2.2 and now, even if I press the safety switch, the motor don’t stop beeping, and if I arm them, they don’t spin and continue beeping

You have been around this forum long enough. You know that we will ask for a .bin log file.
Why did you not post one?

set LOG_DISARM = 1 to get it

Sorry, my bad.

The vehicle is not moving, the gps was acting it up because it was indoors. During the whole process, the motors were beeping, even if I set the safety switch and armed the vehicle.

I also checked the connections to the motors, they should be working

Your Flight Controller is complaining about throttle channel in your RC being too high, try to recalibrate your radio.

Also, your MOT_PWM_MIN is zeroed while your MOT_PWM_MAX is set to 2000. Not sure if it is a good practice, and maybe when you are pressing the safety switch the FC is sending a too low PWM value, making your ESCs complaining about having a PWM lower than the one used in calibration.

Finally, your battery monitor seems to be unconfigured, are you sure you followed all the recommendations for first flight setup and tuning? It doesn’t seem to me… It can lead to unnecessary chrashes, please follow the documentation.


Hello, thank you for the input. I will follow your advice regarding the recommendations. But regarding the low pwm, what could explain that before updating to 4.2.2 this problem didn’t appeared?

I don’t think Arducopter firmware update has something to do with this, maybe you changed your RC trims or recalibrated your ESC at this time? It could explain it better.

so, without making any changes to the parameters, I changed the firmware version back to 4.1 and then pressed the safety switch, and it worked, the beeping stops. Then I changed to 4.2.2 again, and tried do the same thing, but after pressing the safety switch, the beeping didn’t stop.

I assume this happens because the method for dealing with motors changed after 4.2, like the note in this page says :GPIOs — Copter documentation

When dealing with GPIO assigned outputs that’s true. You have the same motor assignments. But anyway, why don’t you save the parameter file from 4.2, revert to 4.1 and use Parameter Compare and see for yourself.

I did that, and the only parameter that seems to have anything related to pwm is BRD_PWM_COUNT, that exists in 4.1 , but it was deprecated in 4.2.2

4.1.param (16.8 KB)
4.2.param (16.5 KB)

If your motors are still assigned and SERVO_GPIO_MASK is at 0 (it is) then that’s not the problem.

all SERVOx_function are assigned to motor 1-6 and SERVO_GPIO_MASK is at 0. So I don’t know what else could be causing this problem

The latest AC updates included a pre-arm check for servo(motor) PWM range and values out of range.
MOT_PWM_MIN and MAX now put these values in one place and override the SERVO settings.

Set MOT_PWM_MIN,1000 and recalibrate your ESCs
If you’ve got ESCs that require a particular range then set it with MOT_PWM_MIN and MAX

Use the Semi-Automatic method


setting MOT_PWM_MIN to 1000 solved it. Thx @xfacta

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