Motor will not shutoff on auto land disarm

I am trying to find out why my motor will not automatically shut off after an auto-landing (the pixhawk does seem to detect the landing because it disarms shortly after touchdown). I’ve read about “motor interlock, arm/disarm, throttle hold, governor setup” and everything else I could think to search about on this forum but I’m stumped nonetheless, I don’t have clear instructions on how to set a radio up for this use case. On my stock drivetrain trex 470 I am using a hobbywing platinum 60a v4 ESC, it is set to “governor store” mode and regardless of whether the RSC is set to ch8 out or setpoint, the outcome is the same: the only way for me to set a lower headspeed other than balls to the wall is decrease my PWM output in my Taranis, changing the setpoint value does nothing at all as it just ramps up to full speed. So what I have at the moment is the pixhawk set to “setpoint” with stock PWM numbers, my channel 8 is set to a two position switch and I have the output of that channel set to about 1300us in order to produce a headspeed of 2300rpm.

When I flip the switch, regardless of whether I am armed or disarmed, the motor spools up. When I auto land the helo, it completes the landing, disarms and just keeps on spinning the rotor when everything else i read says that it should stop the motor… What am I missing lol?

attached is my .param file
current trex470l.param (23.0 KB)

It appears that SERVO8_FUNCTION is set to 1. This should be set to 31 for the heli rsc function. typically this is automatically set by default when you do the first install of heli. Was there a reason you changed it. I want to understand what caused you to change this so we can update our wiki’s accordingly, if required.

Change SERVO8_FUNCTION to 31 and ensure your ESC is plugged into channel 8 on the pixhawk servo rail. That should fix your problem.

Bill, thank you, I will change that at once. I am digging through notes right now and will report back as to why that was set to 1, this community is great!

Bill, I changed back to the default setting of 31 on my SERVO8_FUNCTION and all is well, the motor now shuts down after auto landing and my ESC governor responds to the “SETPOINT” value that I chose. I looked into why my SERVO8_FUNCTION was at 1 and I found that while I was in the early stages of setting up my bird I changed that value partly because I wasnt sure how the governor works on my hobbywing ESC and my headspeed wasnt responding the way intended, thats the best I can come up with, thanks again for finding my problem so quickly!

Glad I could help. Thanks for looking thru your notes. I will look back at the wiki to see if how we can improve the guidance. Setting it to 1(passthrough) is very dangerous because it bypasses all of the motor control safety features.