Motor test order

I am buildings a hexa using a Tarot frame.
I have connected the motors as per Arducopter illustration with M1 to Main pwm 1, etc.
If I use Motor test in MP all of them work except that MotorA correspond to M1, MotorB to M2, etc. However every topic mention it should not correspond to motor numbers, but start motors in a clockwise direction.
Any help would be appreciated.


Ignore the numbering on the Tarot frame.They are not Pixhawk friendly numbers.Use the diagrams in the wiki for motor numbering ( the channel on the FC) and position.Once correctly rigged motor test will start at front right and progress clockwise around the frame.

Motors are wired according to Wiki. M5 top right, M1 just below then M4, etc. Set everything to default and setup again, still MotorA spin M1, MotorB spin M2.

FC used RadioLink Pixhawk.


Are you using the Radiolink mini Pixhawk? That fc is non-standard. It uses a fork of Ardupliot and a custom version of Mission Planner.Who knows what they have changed?


I wish I had known this. Alan has the same thing posted on RCG, and I’ve been chasing my tail trying to help him…

No I do not have the mini Pixhawk.
As stated in the Rcgroups forum, I will be droppinp the Pixhawk and try to find another FC. Thanks for all who tried to help.