Motor Start on Preflight Reboot Shutdown

During testing of my X8 quadplane I noticed that when I do a Preflight Reboot Shutdown that the forward motor spins for about 5 secs during the reboot. I don’t have a safety switch enabled and the results were the same regardless of how I set Arming Check.

I noticed a couple of posts about this for version 3.4 but I’m on 3.7. If my tests are accurate then it’s quite a safety risk. I’m sure someone will get caught out during a reboot by not expecting the motor to start up. is a log of a reboot while it was on my bench without props.

hi @darrell, this has been fixed for 3.8.0, but in the meantime you can work around the issue by setting BRD_SAFETYENABLE=1. You’ll then need to either install a safety switch or disable safety on each boot using the GCS.
Cheers, Tridge