Motor spin improperly when wheel was attaching to the floor

Hello, community. I’m facing the problem of driving a brushless motor. I have a ZLTECH hub servo motor connected to Quicrun 8BL150 ESC then power the ESC by 6s LiPo battery. At freeload, the motor spin properly but when I gave some load to the motor by letting it spin on the floor, it spins unsmoothly then I put the throttle stick back and forth for some times the motor is off. The result is shown in the video here

Here are my components.

I suspect that three wires of motor hall sensor that I’ve not used may cause unsmoothly motor motion. If so, Is there a way to drive brushless with hall sensors correctly?

Thank you!


sensorless brushless motors always have problems starting smoothly under load. RC cars use a gearbox to reduce the torque from the load to the motor and RC car ESCs use a “jump start” to get the motor running.
To get a slow, controlled start from a brushless motor, it needs sensors or an encoder.
I have a rover with two 10inch hoverboard hubmotors. I tried to get them to run with two sensored RC car ESCs, but while the motors ran fine in one direction, they stuttered and stalled in the other direction.
To get your vehicle running, you should buy a VESC or an Odrive.
VESCs are used for electric skateboards, but they have a host of features which make them really useful for robots/rovers, too. I use VESC based FSESC 4.12 in two of my rovers. They autodetect the motor parameters and sensor configuration all through a nice GUI.
Odrive motor controllers were developed for robotics from the start, but I never used them.

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Thank you so much @count74.

I plan to buy a ZLTECH motor driver (the same manufacturer as my hub motors) here
I’ll have to do a little search for RS485 and CANopen protocol to work with my Pixhawk4.