Motor reverse spinning issue

Hello experts,
I have a strange problem using pixhawk
When I arm the copter motor spinning right direction
but when the throttle down it spinning reverse direction. Have anyone encounter that kind of problem. Please help me with that problem.

You need to configure the ESC.
See the ESC user manual.

Hi sir how can I configure the ESC .Since I am newbie and can you guide me how can I do it.ESC hans no brand I bought it from aliexpress.

That will happen if the ESC is configured for bi-directional use which of course you wouldn’t use for a typical multi-rotor. What ESC exactly?

As Dave said, you need to configure your ESC’s.
Clearly its a regular ESC for use in cars and boats - hence the reverse function.
It can be used on drones / aircraft but needs to be correctly configured and throttle range set.

We can not tell you how to do this as every ESC manufacturer uses their own system / procedure. Some car ESC’s even require a special programming tool/ unit.

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Some Simonk ESCs had the option to be used in bidirectional mode and blheli, blheli-s and blheli32 ESCs can also do this. So it is not clear if the OP uses car or boat ESCs. And just to complete the list, some floatplanes use ESCs with an additional input, to switch it to reverse.

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Thank all. the problem was resolved. I use wrong esc.
Which is bidirectional and mainly use in rc car.