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Motor Pinion & Prop Gear Sloppy Mesh Fix - with Bonus


SV started making a weird sound and so after inspection found one pinion/prop shaft had developed excessive lash. The fix was to make a double layer masking tape shim and attach to the bottom of motor so that when mounted in the frame it put a bias on the gear end towards the prop gear and tightened up the mesh. The pinion gear had started to wear in the middle so had to slide it approx. 1mm further down the motor shaft

While in there I lubed the prop shaft and bearing with grease using a FREE dosage syringe from my local grocery pharmacy.


Something else I’ve found . . . the factory applied grease is clear and rather thin and it gets thrown around the inside of the gearcase and when it does it’s black which tells me the metal propshaft or bearing is wearing prematurely which can lead to excessive gear clearance. I now use marine grade grease and it stays in place better and isn’t slung around.

( .) #3

I used graphite. A little messy, but works well

(Tim Gilley) #4

I just installed bearings to stabilize the big gear. 2x5mm. Holds the prop shaft steady instead of it flopping around in the oversized bushing. Drill 5mm hole deep enough to accommodate the bearing and shorten the bushing accordingly. Be careful, once the drill bites into the plastic it will want to pull into the plastic quickly. I used a hand drill, but recommend using a drill press if you have one. The drone is much quieter now since the gear slop is eliminated. Go to for bearings. $1.00 each.

(brad112358) #5

Would using the flanged version make the hole depth a little less fussy or doesn’t it matter?

(Tim Gilley) #6

I bought flange bearings since they were cheap, but decided against using them. There was nothing to gain and installing standard bearings is straightforward. The flange bearing sets to high. It should work, but there’s little clearance under the prop gear.

(brad112358) #7

Good to know.
I think I might try bearings too. I suppose it might even increase battery life by a second or two if the friction and vibration energy loss has more effect than the tiny weight difference. :grinning: