Motor mapping nightmare please help!

Okay first off please forgive me for being such a noob. I am currently having a huge issue with my first buildI am building x style quad using A qbrain esc and an arducopter 2.6 Board running 3.1.2 firmware. the problem that I am having is that when I power the ESC I get good to go beeps from all the motors but one, and I can only get three motors to spin I believe that there is an issue with the number one output on the Arducopter board. I know for a fact the speed controller works because I tested it with the KK board I’m replacingwhat I’m trying to find out is how to go into the code and simply make the motor 1 output come out of a different channel. Please help I just want to fly; (

Just to double check, interchange servo cables (PROPS OFF). Make sure servo connectors are all conneted black, red and white as required (many servo connectors aren’t keyed, plugging them in backwards has happened to me). Since it’s a new build you it’s best to doubt everything. Even though the ESC worked in a previous quad, there are an infinity of things that can go wrong in the change from one to another.

I had one dead channel on my APM 2.5 board and someone gave me the simple patch in Motors.h I believe that allowed another output be activated. Compiled great.

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