Motor goes around when the thr stcik is down

Hi Guys

I am new with APM, But i have a problem.

When I’am Arming my quad, the motor goes arond slowly when the throttle stick is down.

When I give more throttle the motor spin faster, as normal.

I have calibrate the radio in Mission planner, And have a ESC calibration.

I’am using a Turnigy 9XR radio.

Best regards


Is this after arming? If so sounds like spin on arm, which I believe is on by default. I don’t like it so I disable it.


I’am sorry, but I did not understand this, can you try to explain it to me one more time?

It’s spin after arming.


do the motors only spin slowly after arming?


It could be the problem, but where can i find this config in MP?

Edit: I found it and problem Solved. Thank you guys!