Motor Balance


I had an “event” early on with my Developer version IRIS. The crash resulted in a loss of props and damaged motors as a result of skidding upside-down on their spindles.

Fortunately, it survived the repair and I have a flying IRIS again.

To my question, since the motor replacement, I’ve noticed a pretty significant increase in vibration on recorded video. The logs don’t really show anything terribly significant from AccZ, AccX and AccY but I’m still inclined to suspect a choppy motor or prop. It sounds a bit “chunkier” if possible, though maybe imagination, I haven’t really compared recorded audio from before and after the repair.

Any tips for balancing these or tracking down the source of the vibration?

I don’t have too much great advice to add…for me I just spin the motors with my finger to see if any of them are spinning more roughly than the others. It’s a bit of a drag to replace the motors on the IRIS in that it requires a soldering iron. …of course on the otherhand the IRIS is quite robust and requires less repairs that my other copters so I guess overall it’s about even.

yeah, motors are all turning smoothly by hand so not much to do there.

After reseating my props, I was able to clean up some of the excess plastic around the edges of the shafts. Might have been inducing a little variance in their rotation, but probably not a lot. Haven’t had a chance to fly since I’ve taken the washer/spacers out of the equation.

Another thing I noticed when replacing the motors: the little screws that hold the feet in place intrude into the motor area in the arms. So much so that I had to take them out in order to mount the motors at all. I wonder if they come into contact with the motor base when the feet are screwed in if that could be inducing extra vibration?

I need to do some more testing.