Moter spin after 50%

After setting the stabilizer mode and arming, gradually increase the throttle from 0% to increase the motor speed and take off. However, after putting the arm in Reuters mode and turning the throttle,
Take off when the rotation speed does not increase even if gradually raised from 0% and becomes 50% or more.

Is it possible to take off if the rotation speed does not increase even if the throttle is gradually increased from 0% after the arm is exercised even in the stabilizer mode and it reaches 50% or more?

Bit confused but I’ll try my best. By Reuters mode do you mean loiter mode. If so, the craft doors not takeoff in loiter unless you go a bit above 50%. Try moving throttle to around 70% for a takeoff to occur.

I understand that in loiter mode, you must take off at least 50%.
In Stabilize mode, you can take off just by raising the throttle a little, but like loiter modo, can you set it so that it will not take off unless you raise it by 50% or more?

Try using ALTHOLD mode.


As @ambattuhari stated. ALTHOLD should work for your needs. It provides altitude control like loiter but no positional control.


Thank you very much. I couldn’t think of althold mode

:joy::joy::joy::joy: Firstly read all mode after experiment your self :smiley:

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