we are working with some heavy drones, and I was wonder is the MOT_THST_HOVER can be a indicator if the drones is too heavy for their motors or not.

So for example we can say, 0.5 on MOT_THST_HOVER is to heavy drone for the motors? I know this mean 50% of the THR

which over what number will be considered “overweight”?

What do you think? thanks!

All over 0,7 is overweight.

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Because it’s not a linear relationship it depends. 0.5 for some craft will be overweight/underpowered. Look at the RC outputs at Hover.

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understood, thanks you guys, appreciate your help as always!

Great community!

It also depends on how much redundancy you expect, a setup with “good thrust” can quickly become wastly underpowered if you lose one motor/ESC/prop (in reality about two) and expect decent groundspeed while bringing it back against headwind…