MOT_PWM_TYPE and hobbywing xrotor 40A

Hi All
What value should be set in MOT_PWM_TYPE for Hobbywing Xrotor 40A ESC???
0 for Normal , 1 for OneShot, 2 for OneShot125 or something else ?

Hi, did you get an answer on this? I just built a new x500 kind of drone, installed the xrotor 40A and experiencing a strange behavior, arm goes well, motors rotate. after that, increasing throttle raises RPM just a bit and seems like limited, can not get a takeoff rpm.
Any idea?

did you figure that out?

Yes. Solved.
In the Blheli32 suite you must switch “low RPM power protect” off.

@Michael_Oborne MOT_PWM_TYPE parameter is not available in fixed wing.


I searched under full parameter tree nothing comes up.