Most vibration free autopilot for rc gas plane/uav in high altitude

Greetings to all. I recently crashed a rc gas plane , i was trying autotakeoff with pixhawk 3DR (the original one). I think vibrations was the issue. I now want to try the cube/mini/Radiolink PixHawk Advanced Autopilot. Any suggestions which will be better at handling vibrations.

There is no such thing as “handling vibrations” unless you know the amplitude, frequency.
Pixhawk 2.1 has most of the sensors suspended inside the cube with heating.
And still should be dampened.
For really high altitude you’ll need a damping that perform equally at very low temperature.
In any case, it’s up to you to suspend the engine and autopilot property.

Thanks Andre. The gas plane of mine which crashed on 06 mar 18 had the autopilot suspended on kyosho gel. I think I have to start all over again.

be sure to monitor the vibrations , the mavlink VIBE message is great for that.
Also, however you mount it, make sure not to have too many too stiff cables that propagate vibrations, and not to hard mounts.

Quite often some mass added to the flight controller helps.

Thanks Andre & James. I am studying the problem deeply. I feel that one of the shortcomings is the way we input the P,I,D values. For example when we do a manual takeoff ,when the plane is not in line we quickly use the rudder, increase the throttle and do rest of the corrections in air. But will an auto takeoff handle it like that starting from 100% up elevator.It is duty bound to follow our inputs step by step. I have to understand what each P,I,D value will do. I am not sure how to achieve it. Is it by manual or FBWA flying?.Rgds