Monitoring multiple UAVs in qgroundControl

I want to monitor multiple UAVs on QGroundControl. I am using dronekit-sitl and its python api.

Using dronekit-sit two copter were simulated at port 5760 and 5780.

Using MavProxy I connected to both the copter and forwarded output on two ports --master tcp: --out udp: --out udp: --master tcp: --out udp: --out udp:

On QGroundControl I am not ablesee both copters. SOmeone please help me

From mavproxy, type “output” to check whether the outputs are there.
Also make sure each vehicle has a unique MAV_SYS_ID.

$ --master tcp: --out udp: --out udp: --source-system 6

I am using --source-system option for assigning id.

This is output : STABILIZE> 2 outputs

You have two instances of sitl though. So the two sys id’s must be different. You’ve only listed for one of them.



@james_pattison : parameter MAV_SYS_ID is not availabe in mavlink/mavproxy.
RTL> param set MAV_SYS_ID 2
RTL> Unable to find parameter ‘MAV_SYS_ID’

‘SYSID_THISMAV’ parameter for both UAVs are different

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